Bright Angel Systems

Web Design

Your website is your public face and can be central to the successful marketing of your company. It is worth getting right! On the other hand, producing a website is a challenge. You know how you want to present your company and you can probably write the website yourself. However, it will distract you from your real purpose: running the company. Therefore it pays to outsource.

We will take your outline design and turn it into a website. All we need from you is an outline of the desired appearance and of course the content. We register your domain, arrange hosting, code the web pages and upoad to the server. And we can either maintain the website as the content changes over time or support you in making the changes yourself.

Charges: the cost will depend upon the complexity: the number of pages, the desired layout and whether there is dynamic content. As a guide, for a simple, static, site such as this, you should budget for £100 + VAT per page.

To discuss how we can help you, please contact us.